Laser Stencil

Laser cut SMT stencil. We'll create your personalized kit and send it directly to you.

Printed circuit board fabrication

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Online instant quote, No hidden cost,

Prototype PCB, small volume and new single layer pcb mass production.

Fine quality, Reliable after-sales.

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Now $25.00 / m2

PCB prototypes

High quality prototype PCB manufacturing. Using the online quote tools, You can quickly custom your PCB prototype. Order process details »

Mass production

Prototype PCB to small volume and mass production is that you best choose. Full automatic processing and No hidden cost. details »

Laser stencil

Using laser SMT stencil can be more easily assembled your project pcb board. Surface mount technology can save cost and improve quality. details »

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About COVID-19 to cause shipping delay

Since not enough shipping resources for worldwide region. you order might delay 5~10 day. But our PCB factory still working well.
Updated: 2020-06-08

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