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PCB weight and freight

Read PCBs area and weight calculette tools

\ Official offer of shipping company Third-party offer of international transport agent company
DHL, UPS, FedEx, EMS, HK-Express, Singapore-Express, and more

 High cost

Supports destination to pay the freight.

 Low cost

Not supports destination to pay the freight.

For DHL, UPS, FedEx way, DiGPCB can support official or third-party agent freight quote. EMS, HK-Express and Singapore-Express can not support official offer.
 How do I doing next steps?

1) You can easy way to get freight cost via our website page, By default, online freight quote only third-party agent way.

2) if you have DHL,UPS and FedEx account, then you can use official way or freight payable at destination.

 Strengths and weaknesses

Real-time tracking delivery date.

Reliable service, But high-cost.

All tracking information will delay 1-3 day (typical).

Quality of service depend on the official delegation of authority.

(The information above is for reference only.)

FAQ for the tracking number

\ HK-Express, Singapore-Express and other shipping express
Type Registered Mail Non-Registered Mail

Include a tracking number, Can be track package status,

Maximum weight limit per package is 2 kg.

No tracking number, Unable to track package status,

Weight no limits.
(Weight and cost is increased proportionally)

DiGPCB do not support Non-Registered Mail business.

International linear transport logistics

Most Asian countries and regions, customers can choose a dedicated shipping routes (local shipping company), Obvious advantage is to reduce shipping time and cost for large parcel (bulky items).
Read more >>> (Began in June 1, 2014)
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