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PCB weight and freight

Read PCBs area and weight calculette tools

\ Official offer of shipping company Third-party offer of international transport agent company
DHL, UPS, FedEx, EMS, EUB, and more

 High cost

Supports destination to pay the freight.

 Low cost

Not supports destination to pay the freight.

For DHL, UPS, FedEx way, DiGPCB can support official or third-party agent freight quote.
 How do I doing next steps?

1) You can easy way to get freight cost via our website page, By default, online freight quote only third-party agent way.

2) if you have DHL,UPS and FedEx account, then you can use official way or freight payable at destination.

 Strengths and weaknesses

Real-time tracking delivery date.

Reliable service, But high-cost.

All tracking information will delay 1-3 day (typical).

Quality of service depend on the official delegation of authority.

(The information above is for reference only.)

FAQ for the tracking number

\ EUB and other shipping express
Type Registered Mail Non-Registered Mail

Include a tracking number, Can be track package status,

Maximum weight limit per package is 2 kg.

No tracking number, Unable to track package status,

Weight no limits.
(Weight and cost is increased proportionally)

DiGPCB do not support Non-Registered Mail business.

International linear transport logistics

Most Asian countries and regions, customers can choose a dedicated shipping routes (local shipping company), Obvious advantage is to reduce shipping time and cost for large parcel (bulky items).
If you need to know detailed information, please contact us.