Laser Stencil

Laser cut SMT stencil. We'll create your personalized kit and send it directly to you.

Frameless Stencil For all printed circuit board, PCBs line spacing, track and line to pin distance. etc., their minimum size is 6 mil. In few cases of prototype PCB, we can support low to 4mil, but can not support mass production.

Laser Cut Frameless Stencils

Frameless stencil applied to prototype PCB by hand printing. At DiGPCB, you can custom any size for prototype stencil based on 304 stainless steel.

Advantages: easy to customize, lightweight, and save shipping costs.

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Aluminum Frame Mounted SMT Stencils

Most of the fixed frame stencils, used in the mass production of assembled circuit boards. Solutions mature, reliable.

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PCB SMT stencil technical Info/Specs/Compare

\ Frameless SMT Stencils Frame Mounted SMT Stencils
Technology used to make the stencils 100% laser cut
Material used 304 Full Hard Stainless Steel
Stencil thickness .12mm - .15mm
Minimum cut size 100mm x 100mm / ( Max:600mm x 400mm ) Fixed aluminum frame
Compared Ease of shipping package,Custom,Light weight Apply to mass production
Aperture tolerance within .0005 mm
- -
Manufacturing time within 24 hour
Shiping Packaging Separated shipments with PCB order

Tips:We do not make unrelated graphics relative to electronic circuit Pad, such as a variety of small graphics, logo and so on.