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Single layer mass production pcb seriesStandards pcb online quote

What is single layer mass production pcb?

We know that you may be looking for some cost-saving methods for different products. digpcb provide customers with a series of low-cost single layer pcb solutions and suitable for mass production.

The current page mass product does not support online quotation. You are welcome to send an e-mail with gerber file and order quantity to get a quote.


Single Layer pcb mass production - material

per square quote (max ~ min) unit: USD
price range
price range
price range
price range
price range
0.8mmm2/ 25.0~22.5m2/ 30.0~27.5m2/ 32.5~30.0m2/ 35.0~32.0m2/ 37.5~32.5
1.0mmm2/ 25.5~23.5m2/ 31.5~29.0m2/ 33.5~30.5m2/ 35.5~32.5m2/ 38.5~33.5
1.2mmm2/ 26.5~24.5m2/ 32.5~30.00m2/ 34.5~31.5m2/ 36.0~33.5m2/ 39.0~34.5
1.6mmm2/ 27.5~25m2/ 33.5~30.00m2/ 35.0~32.5m2/ 36.5~34.5m2/ 40.0~35.5
Fire Standardx

single layer pcb for mass production - specification

Board thickness tolerance:± 10%(t ≥ 0.8mm), Typical value is the positive tolerance.

Minimum line width: 6mil

Minimum Drill Diameter (Mechanical): 0.35mm

Minimum solder pad: 1.2mm

Hole Tolerance (Mechanical): ± 0.1mm

Hole Position Tolerance: ± 0.09mm

All single board copper thickness: 1oz

Printed circuit board material

Printed circuit board structure:
FR1: copper foil + laminated paper
CEM1: copper foil + glass fiber fabric + laminated paper + glass fiber fabric
FR4 (single layer): copper foil + glass fiber fabric
FR4 (double layer): copper foil + glass fiber fabric + copper foil

Note: Currently page quote is mass production (>= 10 m2). the technology specification different from our online prototype pcb and small batch production. but all material is same.

Note: We recommend to reserve enough design resource space. To improve production and reduce errors.

Why use DiGPCB

DiGPCB only manufacturing PCB board and not assemble any PCBA. protect you brand than we can done.

How to order the mass production series pcb board?

To improve efficiency, please check the files and names in your own standardized way to avoid misunderstandings.

Do not note any marks in the pcb file (gerber file), because the engineer will not check any marks and meaning. You can attach few document to make notes or attach pictures in email.

Order requirements or conditions

Yes. minimum order >= 10 square meter.