Laser Stencil

Laser cut SMT stencil. We'll create your personalized kit and send it directly to you.

Online PCB Custom and Ordering Process

Now, you can get a simplified ordering process with PCB board cost estimation and accelerated delivery. We are support e-mail and online member self-service way to ordering PCB prototype or PCB mass production.

E-mail way to ordering process

Ordering process FIG.

PCB circuit board ordering process steps

Online Self-service way to get pcb quotation

Use DiGPCB's online PCB quote tools, You can instantly calculate the PCB's cost and freight.

See PCB thickness and material details can helping customers to obviate potential worry.

Printed PCB quotation and send PCB file to us

Print the results of your PCB custom details by online quote page. Or use your own documents clearly describe the pcb ordering details. such as: pcb quantity, pcb size, pcb thickness etc.

However, we recommend our customers to use DiGPCB's online PCB quote tools. Once finalized and print the results of PCB quote as PDF file, you can attach it to your PCB file and send to us by E-mail.

In most cases, we will quickly respond to your email and confirm your order status within 1 ~ 3 hours.

* A quotation form only corresponds to one PCB file, if you have several orders, we will manually recalculate freight.


Customers can designate own logistics carrier, or use our low cost shipping solution for third-party international transport agent.


DiGPCB accept multiple payment methods. Such as: Paypal, Western Union, Bank etc.

PCB Delivery date

DiGPCB's manufactory based on modern industrial management and quality control system to manufacture fine quality circuit board. more than 75% automatic processing.

Normal manufacturing time: 3~4 day (PCB prototype), Mass production:5~7 day.

* DiGPCB's factory can support prototype PCB custom, small quantity and Mass production. online PCB quote self-service, Worldwide services. No hidden cost.

Online login/register a member to ordering PCB circuit board

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