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PCB panelization (V-cut panel)

PCB panelization can be effectively allocated panel space to achieve the volume assembly and cost savings. DiGPCB maximum panelization size is 360 mm x 360 mm. while the single PCB board size is 500 mm x 500 mm (limit size: 500 mm x 1200 mm).

If want to get pcb panelization price and details, please try to using our online quote for pcb board panelization option, and sets your pcb board array number.

* Please sets your pcb panelization board distance (v-cutting distance) is 0.00 ~ 0.50 mm. If the distance is greater than 1 mm, V-cut board not be supported.

Please make ensure that each small board contains a outline layer (shape layer).

Correct PCB panelization rule, please refer to the following: