Laser Stencil

Laser cut SMT stencil. We'll create your personalized kit and send it directly to you.

PCB Laser SMT Stencils

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Custom Laser Cut Frameless Stencils Read more about custom stencils Specs.

  • Our stencils are manufactured using stainless steel.
  • Our stencils are 100% laser cut utilizing the latest technology in laser cutting.
  • Neutral packing, no logo print.

How to order the PCB Stencils?

Now, you can order Laser Cut Frameless Stencils and Frame Mounted SMT Stencils by website. Or mix order PCBs Frameless stencil and Fixed frame stencils.

  • Only just briefly describe requirements in the form field.
  • Sent directly PCB solder paste layer file (gerber format)to us.
  • PRINT Stencil Order Quotation as PDF file, and appended to the stencil gerber file.
  • Do not shrink or expand the Pad size relative to the original Pad size.