Laser Stencil

Laser cut SMT stencil. We'll create your personalized kit and send it directly to you.

File formats and units

DiGPCB supports most popular printed circuit board design software output gerber file or original file. Because application software version differences may not be able to read the original file. Therefore, We prefer to use gerber file.

Gerber file format

In a few cases, such as all the file with the same suffix (eg: *.txt, *.gbr). We believe appropriate to rename the file name of each layer is necessary. This can improve the efficiency, also reduces potential errors.

Please remove all irrelevant characters (silkscreen) and silkscreen marks in the gerber file. For additional technical process requests, please attach to the "quore document" description field.

General error of gerber file

  • NC Drill file is missing or not proper format.
  • Hole format error or missing.
  • Solder mask layer is missing.
  • Board shape layer (mechanical & keepout layers) missing.
  • Layer name defined confused, uncertain layer order.
  • Layer, hole and character mirror error.

We recommend you use third-party software (such as gerbv, cam350, viewmate) to preview your gerber and drill files before you submit them. gerbv ( is a free/open source gerber viewer. If you can view your files using gerbv, cam350 and viewmate. then we should be able to easily manufacture your design.