Laser Stencil

Laser cut SMT stencil. We'll create your personalized kit and send it directly to you.

PCB Drill Hole, PTH, NPTH

Laser drill and mechanical drill hole contrast:

Hole Φ≦ 0.2 mm Hole Φ≦ 0.2~0.3 mm Hole Φ≧ 0.3~6.3 mm Hole Φ≧ 6.3 mm
Laser process Sample board (mechanical or laser) Normal process (mechanical) Milling process (mechanical)
Sample board prototype
High efficiency
High Cost
Sample board prototype
Low efficiency for mechanical way
Applied to most products:
prototype PCB
Mass production
High efficiency
High Quality
Low cost
Sample prototype
Mass production

DiGPCB's reliable equipment and redundant manufacturing capability, Can adequately protect product quality and service efficiency.

Non-metallic through hole (NPTH),Plated through hole (PTH),Plated pads hole

For stamp hole examples, We recommend using via hole make stamp hole of multi-pcb panel.
If necessary, please use the V-cut proess alternative stamp hole. This reduces the risk of break in shipping.

Long Drill hole (elliptic drill hole)