Laser Stencil

Laser cut SMT stencil. We'll create your personalized kit and send it directly to you.

Terms of Use

  • Customers should read help information carefully via, (including the manufacturing process parameters, the PCB rules, payment methods, shipping) then submit the pcb file.
  • 1) All PCB files should be consistent with the manufacturing process of our factory, We reject any non-compliant PCB files.
  • 2) We are only based on our manufacturing process standards to check the correctness of the PCB files, without modifying any of PCB's error design.
  • 3) Any errors will be feedback to user via e-mail, the corresponding time will be extended or suspended state until the customer replies.

  • 4) The user should enter the correct parameters to calculate the price. we only accept our pre-set format of document, any additional documentation will be ignored.
  • 5) On the printed page, the customer should fill in the correct parameters, a short PCB file name, and correct PCB format. The same time, you should enter a complete shipping information, including name, telephone number, delivery address.
    (If the address information includes non-English characters, please repeating in the mail.)

  • 6) All orders files should include the following:a correct pcb file (zip format), a correct form file (PDF format,by online print and save.), other documentation are ignored.
  • 7) A PDF file can only correspond to an order of the PCB board, we refuse to different or the same of board combined in a PCB file.
  • 8) Only when receiving customers' complete PCB file and payment, we can begin to arrange the production.
  • 9) Once the order is in the process, any modification or replacement of the PCB file is not allowed.

*******Indemnity agreement*******

We are guided by the principles of accountability, fairness and integrity to serve our customers.

As a result of force majeure, such as transportation and manufacturing errors. we declare the following:

  • 1) Transportation disaster (after leaving port), We can compensate for 15% of the total.
  • 2) Detained by the Customs (importing country), we do not provide compensation.
  • 3) If confirmed is our mistake, and the results can not be repaired and even unusable, we arrange for re-manufacturing.
  • 4) If the result is only missing silk layer, lack of silk symbol or silk layer words blurred. we do not provide compensation. But can provide discounts for the next order.

用户使用条件(Chinese language)

  • 顾客递交PCB文件前,应该先阅读www.digpcb.com网站上的所有帮助信息。包括制造工艺参数,PCB文件规则,支付方式,航运时间等内容.
  • 1) 顾客递交PCB文件应该符合我们工厂的制造工艺. 我们拒绝任何不符合制造规范的PCB文件.
  • 2) 我们仅依照我们制造工艺的标准去核对PCB文件的正确性,不对任何PCB的错误设计进行修改。
  • 3) 任何错误的将反馈到用户的电子邮件.相应的处理时间将延长或者暂停状态,直到顾客回复.

  • 4) 用户应先确定正确的参数再计算价格. 我们只接收我们的定制的说明文档, 其他任何附加的说明文件将被忽略.
  • 5) 在打印页面,用户应该填写正确的,简短的PCB文件名,PCB格式.同时,应该输入完整的航运信息,包括姓名,电话,收货地址.

  • 6) 所有的订单文件应该包括如下:一份正确的pcb文件(zip格式),一份正确的说明文件(PDF格式).其中的PDF文件应该通过在线打印并保存. 其他的说明文件则忽略.
  • 7) 一份PDF文件仅只能对应一个PCB板文件. 我们拒绝多个不同的或者相同的Pcb合并在一个PCB文件.
  • 8) 我们仅在收到完整的PCB文件和支付后,才开始进行制造过程.
  • 9) 我们对于任何正在制造过程中的订单,都不接受PCB文件修改或者替换PCB文件.



对于一些无可抗拒或不能预测原因,比如意外的航运事故或人为而导致制造参数,数量错误等结果, 我们解决的办法和赔偿声明如下:

  • 1) 国际交通灾难事故 (离开港口后),我们可提供总额的15%的费用作为补偿.
  • 2) 海关扣留 (进口国), 我们不提供任何费用补偿.
  • 3) 如果因我们工厂错误,导致产品有重大的缺陷而无法修复甚至无法使用,我们将安排重新制造。
  • 4) 类似丝印层,字符层丢失或字符模糊,我们不提供赔偿,但可以针对下次订单提供折扣。