Laser Stencil

Laser cut SMT stencil. We'll create your personalized kit and send it directly to you.

PCB circuit board quality

\ PCB prototype Mass Production
\ Single layer Double layer Multi layer Single layer Multi layer
FR-4 100% 100% 100% 99%~95% 99%~95%
CEM-1 100% X X 99%~95% X
FR-1 100% X X 99%~95% X
  • "X" mean is not support.
  • "100%" mean is only apply to prototype pcb board.
  • "99%~95%" mean is mass production of printed circuit board, and spot check of flying probe (also including AOI).

Mass production is support full flying probe check (also including AOI), but need additional cost.

All multi layer( >=4 layer) are full free test.

* AOI: Automatic Optical Inspection.
* By default, all volume production are based on AOI guarantee (free).

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